Shaw Green Trees

Conifers & Evergreen trees for sale

Welcome to our online tree shop, the UK’s premier destination for high-quality conifers. Our conifer collection boasts a diverse range of species, perfect for adding structure and year-round greenery to your garden. We carefully nurture each tree to ensure robust health and superior growth. From majestic pines to elegant firs, our conifers are ideal for creating natural privacy screens and enhancing your landscape.

Broadleaf trees for sale

Discover our exquisite selection of broadleaves, where each tree stands as a testament to nature’s beauty. Our broadleaves, ranging from the classic oak to the charming birch, are perfect for creating vibrant, dynamic gardens. These trees not only provide stunning foliage throughout the seasons but also support local wildlife. We offer a variety of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every garden, big or small.

British Natives for sale

Our British native species collection captures the essence of the UK’s natural heritage. These trees, including the stalwart English oak and the graceful silver birch, are well-suited to the UK climate. Planting native species supports biodiversity, creating a haven for local fauna. We take pride in offering trees that contribute to the UK’s natural landscape, promoting ecological balance and sustainability.

Buy UK Tree Seeds

At our tree nursery, we not only supply but also use these high-quality seeds, guaranteeing their excellence through first-hand experience with their growth and health. Each seed represents a commitment to a greener future, offering beauty, shade, and ecological balance across UK climates. Meticulously sourced for purity, these seeds suit both urban and rural areas, enhancing landscapes, purifying air, and reducing carbon footprints. We cater to all, from seasoned gardeners to beginners, by providing detailed planting guides for an easy and enjoyable experience.

Our online tree shop in the UK offers a diverse range of high-quality trees, including conifers, broadleaves, and British native species. Our conifers, perfect for year-round greenery, add structure and privacy to gardens. The broadleaves selection, featuring species like oaks and birches, enhances gardens with vibrant foliage and supports local wildlife. Additionally, our British native species, such as the English oak and silver birch, are suited to the UK climate, promoting biodiversity and ecological balance. We ensure that every tree we offer is robust and healthy, catering to all garden sizes and preferences.